Jana Zanni Pesce Councilor At-Large

Progress Initiatives

Pesce for Progress

Pesce for Progress

Making Methuen More Attractive

For Residents and Visitors
We need to implement a better plan to repair and preserve our streets and sidewalks. We need to focus on cleaning and beautifying our recreational spaces, and building a better and more vibrant downtown. These spaces are an opportunity to showcase our community- they should be a priority!

For Businesses
We need new initiatives to continue to grow business in Methuen. Other towns make businesses want to be within their community; we need to do the same. We also must be thoughtful about the businesses that are coming in. Will those businesses help move Methuen in a positive direction?

Ensuring Our Tax Dollars Are Well Spent

It is a sad fact that costs have and are continuing to go up drastically, in all areas of our lives. I pledge that to make sure that every single tax dollar is spent carefully and thoughtfully and goes towards the betterment of Methuen as a whole.

Maximizing Staffing Efficiency
While we want to keep operating costs down, we must balance that notion by having the right people in the right positions within the city to maximize efficiency and save us money in the long run.
Eliminating Contract Ambiguities
During my six years on the School Committee, I have helped clarify school contracts and policy. Simply put, in contracts and policies, what you see should be what you get! A lot of people talk about transparency-contract and policy language should be transparent as well. Language should be straightforward, with no hidden clauses, to enable us to ascertain the true bottom line.
Securing Grants
To help bolster our bottom line we need to focus on securing grants and other outside funding as it may become available. I have an established and positive relationship with many of our state legislators. I am confident that these relationships will help me advocate.

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